I (Kym) have been involved in the Waste (read Resource) Management industry for 20 years and I am committed to working towards developing sustainable lifestyles, through waterless composting toilets, greywater (or graywater) re-use systems and worm farms.

I promote domestic waste (Resource) management systems focusing on Waterless Composting Toilets and Greywater (or graywater) Reuse Systems. I also supply worm farming kits to recycle all your kitchen & garden waste.

The key to recycling and reusing your “waste” is to stop calling it waste and call it a resource.

Composted toilet, kitchen & garden waste (resource) is converted into a natural fertiliser and is used to feed your vege garden and fruit orchard. Both are watered with your recycled greywater, so producing healthy organic food that you then eat, go to the loo and …………… so the sustainability cycle continues.

ADOBE LOOS & WORMS are agents for Nature Loo, Sun MarClivus Multrum & EcoLet ranges of waterless composting toilets.

ADOBE LOOS & WORMS design Greywater (or graywater) Reuse Systems so you can reuse your kitchen, bathroom & laundry water to irrigate those fruit & vegies you are growing with your composted kitchen, garden & toilet waste (resource).

Have a good look around this website to find out all about how you can work toward developing a more sustainable lifestyle and contribute to minimising your impact on your environment.

Let me know what you think of this site and if it has been useful for you in your search for info on waterless composting toilets and greywater (or graywater) re-use systems.

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