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    greywatER diverter  SYSTEM

    A Grey Water Reuse System can be installed using a 160litre Diversion System consisting of a 400mm Pine mulch layer to collect particulate matter, fats & oils, over a  layer of  400mm Bio-film Media. Dispersal is through sub-surface irrigation using 100mm Ag-Drain into an Effluent Disposal Area (EDA). Dispersal pipe is through a number of parallel trenches (via a Splitter Box) OR one continuous length with trench lines laid level. This system can process the Greywater created by up to 5 persons in a 4-bedroom equivalent dwelling (max. 450 litres for Greywater only).

    Adobe Loos & Worms can design Greywater Reuse Systems designed to AS1547-2000, see 4.2A7.3 Design Area Sizing, page 117; Appendix 4.5A, page 147; Figure 4.5A1, page 148. The sub-surface dispersal area may be planted with various species as specified in attachment (Appendix C of AS1547-1994).

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    # Material;                 Medium density grade polyethylene

    # Properties; U.V stabilised, High stress resistance, High fracture resistance

    # Thickness;  Average 4 mm

    # Construction; Rotational moulding. All surfaces are continuous with no welded or joined seams, circular structure for additional strength

    # Dimensions:  Height 980mm, Diameter 500mm

    # Capacity:      160lts

    # Inlet: 50mm or 100mm DWV PVC pipe

    # Outlet: 50mm DWV PVC pipe

    # Bottom Layer, Bio-film media, depth: 400mm (60mm slotted ag-drain cut into short 100mm lengths)

    # Top Layer (incorporating Grease Trap function) Pine Bark or other coarse mulch: 400mm

    # Each layer separated by 50% Shade Cloth

    # External hold down pipes for securing Tank in high water table areas.

    Adobe Loos & Worms can produce a Greywater Re-Use Design for you and supply the major components for your system. Please contact us for more information.


    The price of the Greywater Diversion Tank $275.00 (incl. GST) plus freight.

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