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In NSW Local Government regulations allow you to design & build you own Waterless Composting Toilet for your individual circumstances. Or, if you don't have the time or knowledge you can have another person design & build a Waterless Composting Toilet for your particular situation.


To design & build your own Waterless Composting Toilet you need to have a working knowledge of the following documents:
1.      WATERLESS COMPOSTING TOILETS APPROVAL GUIDELINE. A 30 page document that details the design criteria for Waterless Composting Toilets. It does not tell you HOW to design or build them. This document can be obtained HERE.
2.      AUSTRALIAN/NEW ZEALAND STANDARD 1546.2:2008, On-site domestic wastewater treatment units, Part 2: Waterless composting toilets. A 40 page document that details the specific standards that your toilet must meet. This document can be purchased from Standards Australia.

You also need to be aware of Australian Standard AS1547-2001, Disposal systems for effluent from domestic premises. This document can be purchased from
Standards Australia.

You can show your local Council the information contained on the Make Your Own & Dept Health pages of this website and assess if they have any particular requirements for your proposal.


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Flushing (Wet) Composting Toilet



Clause 43(2) Local Government (Approvals) Regulation, 1999 enables owner/occupiers (Section b) or, a person other than the owner/occupier (Section c), to specifically design a Waterless Composting Toilet for individual premises. The Dept. of Health Advisory Note 1 provides detail of this Clause and can be seen by following the above link or here.
You can build your own Waterless Composting Toilet under Section (c) of Clause 43(2) Local Government (Approvals) Regulation, 1999.
You will need the documentation and construction requirements for the Local Council Approval as detailed in Clause 19.2 of the WATERLESS COMPOSTING TOILETS APPROVAL GUIDELINE, PART 3, LOCAL GOVERNMENT (APPROVALS) REGULATION 1993. If Council requires Testing of the End Product detailed in Clause 23.2, the cost of sample collecting and testing is at the cost of the owner/occupier.
The documentation and construction requirements include the following:
1.      Design drawings , Specification and Placard for your specific application and requirements relative to the number of persons proposed to use the Waterless Composting Toilet.
2.      Householders Reference Manual outlining installation/construction, operation & maintenance of the Waterless Composting Toilet. 
3.      Three copies of plans to scale on A3 paper, dimensioned and accompanied by a listing of all components and component details, including name, size, description, function, building materials and location in the Waterless Composting Toilet. All components will be shown.
4.      Any further information required by your local Council.
5.      Provision of materials required to construct your Waterless Composting Toilet in the situation of your property.  This may include any structural components surrounding your Waterless Composting Toilet and components specific to the Waterless Composting Toilet as detailed in the design plans. Adobe Loos & Worms can supply you with some of the harder to get parts of your Waterless Composting Toilet. Contact us to enquire further.


The basic style of Waterless Composting Toilet that we recommend is a Twin Chamber, Batch Cycle System. Depending on your requirements you build this to establish a System specific to your needs. A Schematic Diagram of the Basic System can be seen below or to see a larger view, click on the image.

Set-up of Custom design


Pedestal in room

  Polymeric Pedestal  

Handmade Timber Pedestal

click on any of the above images to see a larger view in a new window, this page will remain open.

The cost for the Building of a Waterless Composting Toilet described above can be very low and the final cost will depend on how you source your materials and how many recycled components you can use and any other special requirements.


If you would like to contact us please

 phone 02 6494 1051 or 0427 277 249 or (overseas 61 2 6494 1051)
You can even snail mail to
Adobe Loos & Worms, PO Box 751, BEGA  NSW  2550  Australia


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