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This Loo is for those who are just not comfortable with the “long drop” concept and who still like to flush their toilet. This loo uses the same amount of water as a normal flush 3/6ltr toilet and the greywater water and solid waste are treated together. The System uses more water than a Waterless Composting Loo. However the treated effluent is “healthier” and contains more nutrients due to the worms doing the work to break down the waste. The resulting waste water can then more easily be utilised by plants to recycle the water and nutrients. This saves on using other fresh water (potable) for watering and also saves on needing to buy fertilisers.

The Continuous Wet Cycle Composting (CWCC) System uses a single Primary Treatment Tank to receive both Toilet Wastes and Greywater Wastes. Kitchen food wastes and cardboard & paper can also be added to the Primary Treatment Tank.

This Primary Treatment Tank uses compost worms to breakdown the solid wastes to water soluble nutrients. These nutrients and the associated water then flow to a Gravity Fed sub-surface irrigation system or a Pump Well for pumping to a sub-surface irrigation system.

If you are in a situation where the area you have to use your treated effluent is above, or less than 2.5 metres below, the top of your Primary Treatment Tank, then you will need to pump the primary treated effluent from a Pump Well. From this Pump Well it is pumped into a sub-surface irrigation system for Tertiary Treatment. and this treatment & dispersal method is described in detail in the section headed

Where the Primary Treated effluent can flow by gravity from the base of the Primary Treatment Tank (about 2mts below ground level) you will only need a Gravity Fed sub-surface irrigation system for Tertiary Treatment. The Schematic Diagram details the layout of the System. This system is very low maintenance and has relatively low set up costs.

If you are still interested in finding out more please review the following PREVIEWS of the full documentation that can be purchased :

  1. Assembly Manual for a Bio-mass Activated Filter 3/6 FLUSH COMPOST TOILET

  2. Installation Manual for the Bio-mass Activated Filter COMPOST TOILET

  3. Operation & Maintenance Manual for the Bio-mass Activated Filter COMPOST TOILET


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The cost for the Building of a Waterless Composting Toilet described above can be very low and the final cost will depend on how you source your materials and how many recycled components you can use and any other special requirements.


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